Welcome to the inner sanctum of the REDLINE Rennsport Services Homepage. By clicking on any one of the Photo Buttons below, you will get a more indepth idea of the scope of what I have to offer. First, please take the time to read the Quick-Bio, as I think it not only sets the stage for what you see on this site, but lays the foundation of quality, creativity, and straight-forward, economical performance that are what I'm all about. 
Just Click the Picture Icons Below, and Enjoy the Ride !
From Mild -to- Wild, most of today's professional and amateur drivers are making a...  Personal Helmet Statement ! Style is always important.
Step inside to see what can be done to set you apart from the crowd!
Safety is always of paramount concern. REDLINE Safeguard Systems
are individually designed components that enhance driver safety.
Custom designed and crafted, they offer no-compromise performance
and rugged efficiency at a reasonable price.
Safety Systems that make Sense !
Who is he...? Why is this here...? What's it all about...?

I hope you'll take the time to read the BioPages, as I think it really brings all of this stuff together and ties it into who I am, what I'm about, and why this website exists. It may or may not be interesting reading, but I think this endeavor will make more sense if you suffer through it!
Got something more serious than just a roll bar in mind? Perhaps a semi-tube frame GT car? Here's a project that will blow your mind. Step inside and see what it's like to build a race car from the tub out...
...the REDLINE Way !
Ready for the Scrap Heap? Not on your life! Most would have given up on this one, but not me. Take a look inside and see what REDLINE has to offer in the way of vehicle resuscitation.
If it's worth resurecting, I can do it!
Trust me, I'm busting with automotive ideas,
and this site will be changing constantly as new projects unfold.
The bottom line is, if you can dream it, I can build it, make it, draw it, paint it...
... whatever!
I hope you enjoy your Ride on The REDLINE !

John Hajny
REDLINE Rennsport Services
1912 Glenwood Rd.
Vestal, NY., USA. 13850
Pilot Emeritus Program
The Pilot Emeritus Program is a series of very specific articles that deal with gaining more from your Driver's Education Experiences. This informative series will help the student and the instructor to better recognize subtle but critical driving issues, and deal with them quickly and effectively.
REDLINE Rennsport is proud to be an official Distributor and Installer of
Leda, Racer's Edge, Hyperco, & Tarett Engineering suspension components.
Come in and see why they are the only choice!
New Restoration Projects -
Ferrari Refurbishment Underway
New Restoration Projects -
Ferrari Refurbishment Underway
Restoration Projects -
Ferrari Refurbishment
Restoration Projects -
Ferrari Refurbishment