The Official Zone 1 PCA Driving Manual
for this great track.

It's the best track manual you will ever read.
Written by yours truly... of course!
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Although I am loath to do so by nature, I suppose I need to deal with some legal-type stuff. These articles are offered here for informational purposes only, and do not purport to necessarily make you a better driver, nor keep you out of trouble should you pursue some form of performance driving.
They are printed here for the edification of the readership, as a service to everyone who wants to improve their driving or instructing skills. The ideas and concepts are mostly my own, gleaned from a number of years of not only driving, but instructing for the Porsche Club of America, Trackmasters Inc., the Audi Quattro Club, the BMW Car Club of America, and others. And from a lot of thinking too!
All Text and Graphics herein are Copyrighted (c) 1995-2015 by John L. Hajny
I have striven to make this an extremely well written and accurate series
on a subject that is not to be taken lightly and can obviously be dangerous.
To maintain the accuracy and proper presentation of that message, I would ask that absolutely no use whatsoever of any text herein be made
without my express written consent.
I would ask you to please abide by this request.  Thank you.
One of the many Branches of the REDLINE Rennsport Tree;
Dedicated to the Further Pursuit of Performance Driving.

This is an ordered series of articles I prepared for the Redline Report - the official newsletter of the Central NY Region of the Porsche Club of America - of which I was the Editor for some 5 years. They have also been widely reprinted by permission by numerous other regions of the club throughout the country. The text is obviously slanted toward Porsche owners, but the information therein is universal.
Their main purpose is two-fold. For the driver, they are intended to give a good foundation and smooth the transition you will be making as you enter into this exciting pastime. For instructors, they are intended to give you some specific solutions to some of the trickier and more subtle aspects of teaching the art of performance driving.
Through my efforts as an instructor, I have identified these topics as rather universal, and at times particulalry vexing to the students (and the instructors who must help solve them!). Through careful analysis, I hope to help those invovled with these subjects in solving the little mysteries of the performance driving riddle, and make it a little easier and less confusing to attain success.
In short... I don't want you to be like the guy on the Left: a Bumper Grinder.
Be like the guy on the Right; like one of MY students: a Sailer!
Be Safe... and Have Fun Out There !

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