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Look around you. Everybody's into expressing themselves these days. We live in an age when personal expression is an important part of our everyday existance. It keeps us in touch with who we are, what we feel, what we like, and what we stand for.
But, with so much noise out there...
... how can you hope to be heard?
Many people communicate their personal style with the cars they drive. However, simply having the right car may not be enough anymore. Anyone can buy a car. What then? What makes you different from the crowd driving that car?
Since the early days of motor racing, drivers have had their helmets painted in ways that expressed something about them. Quickly becoming more than just a means of telling one guy from another at speed, their helmets became extensions of themselves...
...a way of expressing their individuality from within the cockpit, and without.
If you ever thought you would like to make a personal statement, to stand apart from the crowd, or just thought you would like something unique that made you feel proud, then acquiring a personalized, custom painted helmet may be just what you've been looking for. As you can see, the possibilities are almost limitless. From Mild -to- Wild, I can help you express your individuality in a manner that befits your personal tastes and interests.

What are you all about? Tell the world with a personalized custom helmet from REDLINE HEADesign. Whether it's a simple color change, or an elaborate multi-hued and layered work of art like the ones you see here, I can accomodate your tastes and budget. Prices start at around $300.00 and go as far as your imagination can reach. Get one for yourself, and you'll stand apart from the crowd. Give one as a gift to the Performance Driver in your life, and you'll be GOLDEN!
Unique, Personalized Helmet Rendering